Fire plowing in northern Spain climbs French border

Fire plowing in northern Spain climbs French border

The fires in Pera, Navarra, and Lesaka spread beyond the French border to the neighboring region of Quebec, in the neighboring Basque region.

The dimensions of the fire, in Navarre, led to the implementation of the 2nd phase of the emergency plan and the intervention of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), which informed the regional government.

At 10:30 a.m., SOS Navarra was alerted to a fire at the exit from Pera to Enderletsa, which spread with a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

The fire crossed the Pitasova River and the N-121-A road and advanced a second way through Lesaka towards the border of Kubeskova.

The wind power prevented the intervention of the Navarre government’s air resources and the aircraft used by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which returned to Madrid when it was 13 kilometers from the target. Perceived turmoil.

The difficulty in accessing the fire pits through the steep areas is hampered by the work of resisting ground flames.

As a preventive measure, parts of Ipardin were evacuated, such as villages and farms.

At 14:15, the evolution of the fire forced the implementation of stage 2 of the emergency plan because the autonomous community had not managed to extinguish the fire with its own resources and the people were already in danger.

Local police and civilian police patrols ordered trucks to ply on the N-121-A road, which is heavily congested in Sunbilla and Array, to facilitate the movement of emergency vehicles.

Significant atmospheric changes are not expected throughout the night, although a decrease in wind intensity is expected on Sunday morning, which will allow wind media to operate.

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One of the volunteer firefighters at the scene told Efe News that in the Pera area, the fire was “very controlled”, but it was still windy.

According to the firefighter, today it will be “difficult” to put out fires because, although they can be controlled in Pera, the situation is “very complicated” where it cannot be done in Lesotho, especially near the border with France.

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