First Call: Jets launches Le’Veon Bell. Will you be able to join the Steelers again? One country outlet makes the case.


Wednesday’s “First Call” offers a variety of reactions to the launch of Le’Veon Bell on the New York Jets.

Who will sign? Steelers? patriot?

We can be the latest chapter in the Pirates’ quest to help Tampa Bay Rays win the American League Championship Series, a strange explanation of Vince Williams’ penalty Sunday, and a potential stumbling block to Patrick Marleau’s exploration of history.

We were there

As Pittsburgh Pirates fans, we all know the feeling of “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.”

New York Jets fans do the same. Especially after the franchise released former Steelers star Le’Veon Bell.

This will make the ultimate Wrap this track In Le’V, isn’t it? But now it’s playing nicely.

This organization tried to trade Bell, but Willing to find a partner.

Jets fans found it the only way to overcome the embarrassing disgust. Director Adam Gase was most enthusiastic about the perception that he pushed Bell out the door without a good idea of ​​how to use it.

According to Spotrac“The launch of Le’Veon Bell left $15 million in dead cap money in 2020 and $4 million in the Jets in 2021. Bell earned $28 million per carry in just over a year in New York. I earned an average of 3.3 yards.

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and you Two naked women Stole a lot from his room From then?

God, who could sign him?

In fact, here is my ultimate conspiracy theory. Steelers re-sign with Bell with the intention of dressing Bell after the Browns match. Bell goes jet skiing again in Florida. He joins the team next Monday. It infects the entire locker room with COVID-19. And the Steelers have to be confiscated on week 7.

To the Tennessee Titan.

And we are back in a perfect circle.

Don’t laugh too hard. CBS Sports Projection Pittsburgh This is where Bell is most likely to land. Meanwhile, after launch, former stealer Bryant McFadden said “I want to say Pittsburgh” as a potential landing point on the platform. But he told himself and suggested the Los Angeles Chargers.

Wash you off for a while.

You have to do better than that

Gene Steratore, former NFL official and CBS rules analyst, joined WDVE to provide an explanation of the suspicious fines against Vince Williams on Sunday.

He was arrested for shaking a passerby’s call to the Philadelphia Eagles very much.

I’m sorry, Jin. I do not buy it.

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I can tell where Steratore comes from. However, the player does not need to “help” the referee to make the proper call. They have their own job to worry about.

Civil servants need to do their job better.

Marleau’s Mark

The former penguin Patrick Marleau has disappeared. Return to San Jose Sharks In free will.

This will be his third day against Sharks, with a stop in Toronto and eight regular season matches in Pittsburgh.

He also played in all four matches of Pence’s qualifying series defeats the Montreal Canadians in the Eastern Conference Bubble.

However, of his 1,723 matches, 1551 played with San Jose.

Marleau lacks 45 games to beat Hockey Hall of Fame forward Gordie Howe’s career record 1,767 games.

The question is, will the regular season be enough for Marleau to write enough games to set a record this year due to coronavirus with an uncertain NHL schedule?

Especially if he has to be injured at some point.

The 2013 season, with shorter closure periods, lasted 48 matches.

A great guess

Pittsburgh baseball fans can keep track of Tampa Bay Rays with curiosity and jealousy.

Taking over players like former Pirates Austin Meadows, Tyler Glasnow and Charlie Morton, Rays became the team Pittsburgh adopted for the postseason.

Morton won the second leg of the American League Championship series against the Houston Astros. Glasnow pitches in Match 4 on Wednesday night. The Rays are currently leading 3-0 in the semi-finals and could complete the sweep on Wednesday.

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Try to stab the first place. Yes. The Pirates get Chris Archer from Tampa for Glasnow, Meadows and Shane Baz.

As Sam Miller of ESPN points out, “Meadows Having finished 14th in the MVP poll in her first year as Ray (2019), Glasnow is the ace (2 days break) requested by Rays in match 5 against the Yankees last week. Had this season been a full season, Glasnow’s strikeout rate (14.3 per nine) would have set an all-time high. starter.

Meanwhile, Baz is still considered to have a high ceiling.

Archer spent his first two years as a pirate, hitting 6-12 with a 4.92 ERA. He didn’t pitch at all in 2020 due to injuries.

So I got good results for pirates.

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