First Girls | Michael Pfeiffer joins Viola Davis in the new series

First Ladies

Showtime has a new series in production, which promises to unlock some of the secrets of the White House. “First Ladies” features Betty Ford and Michael Pfeiffer and Viola Davis as Michael Obama, respectively.

The long-awaited series will deepen, albeit often invisible, the key to the first ladies in the White House. This is the position of Betty Ford, Michael Obama And Eleanor Roosevelt, were selected for the first season of this production Display time, Together Lionscate TV. Has already been selected to illustrate two of the most popular figures in the United States, Michael Pfeiffer e Viola Davis, Eleanor Roosevelt could not figure out who would be left in the role.

The Oscar-winning Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film with “The Night Manager” and “In a Better World” will be co-produced by Suzanne Pear, co-director and executive producer with Kathy Schulman (“Conflict” and “O Illusionista”). Wave Entertainment.

These three journeys will tell the story of these three powerful women. This will hide its results from outside eyes and address the embarrassment and layers surrounding the eastern section of the White House. Her personal and political career will be revealed in this first season which promises to bring to light the plays she experienced during the terms of her respective husbands.

“Michael Pfeiffer and Suzanne Pierre have teamed up with the brilliant and incomparable Viola Davis to bring these women’s remarkable stories to a long-awaited topic,” said Amy Israel, executive vice president of showtime. “Michael brings credibility, impact and sophistication to all his characters. Suzanne is a visionary director who commands the screen with strict honesty and distinctive visual style.”

Image | Check out the show’s official post with the announcement of “First Ladies”

With no premiere date yet, “First Ladies” is the perfect series for anyone wondering about the mysteries behind the big decisions at the White House.

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