Florida State Football: 3 times after FSU wins against UNC

Florida State Football: 3 times after FSU wins against UNC

It’s been a while since it’s been friends, but finally we are worth (overly) reacting. I was waiting for this opportunity, and finally the time has come to us. Something very good has happened in the last few weeks. Florida state football But that doesn’t always turn out to be a victory.

We were on Saturday night in North Carolina No. We will talk through 5 angry stories. There have been so many programming situations that define the Mike Norvell regime. However, I believe the three scenarios will change Mike Norvell’s course of history and move his vision forward. The team definitely #CLIMBed on Saturday night.

Finally we got a big win to discuss and (over)react.

Short yard defense

A few weeks ago we saw the FSU defending blow the ball and dominate the short yard situation against Miami. You may not want to click. I think you should be grateful for the (excessive) reaction.

This play was inconsistent with all the bulletin boards in Seminole land, and for good reason. We see the scrimmage line re-established 2-3 yards down the field and easily converted to a cane.

You have more time to speed up, evaluate and teach your match against UNC. A similar type of situation, but the results are much different.

See how the defensive line wins the screenage line and moves the game to the Tar Heels backfield. Submarine technology is not against Miami, but against the UNC. Obviously they are evaluating these situations and figuring out how to deploy defenses.

Take off a hat Marvin Wilson, Joshua Caindo, Robert Cooper, Cory Durdon, Janarius Robinson, Amari Gainer, And Emmet Rice I decided it was time to win the Scream line and take pride in the outcome of this play. This work is about (excessive) reaction and these two plays are screaming growth.

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Right tackle

How many years have there been an attack tackle the FSU could be proud of? Or should I say that you can build around? There is one in Robert Scott. Scott was added to the lineup against Jacksonville State and continues to be impressed as a real freshman. Said I was a real freshman.

Scott is definitely comfortable within RT and this plan. It’s great that Alex Atkins has prepared this “Project Attack Tackle” as a real freshman. It makes all the difference in the world to offense when you can do average tackle play. It’s fun to watch OL play and see these dual teams sync. Scott handles the shift-free snaps well, then feels McDonald’s pressure and gets off the linebacker while running.

It’s also a beautiful job where Mike Norvell and Kenny Dillingham attack angles to make OL easier.

Special team

So you are leading the country in a blocked kick/punt. It’s not a big deal except that Florida has never been in such a situation before (don’t check the facts). How are you still upset? You do it through the play to change the amount of momentum and that’s the punt blocked. So when the FSU started playing with a blocked pun, I knew they would win.

Another eye-opening part of this is getting into the game knowing that the coaches can block at least one punt. They planned this and attacked the situation aggressively as needed to upset the top 5 teams. Check it.

Sorry, my body refuses to spend more time talking to special teams, but this is the championship type endeavour/program stuff right here.

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