For the first time, less than half of Americans say they trust the media

For the first time, less than half of Americans say they trust the media

Search performed by Edelman and published Thursday (January 21, 2021) by the digital newspaper Axios shows that 46% of Americans trust traditional media. This is the first time in the historic series (started in 2012) that the rate is below 50%. The confidence of American citizens in social networks is 27%.

“It’s the age of information failure”Edelman CEO Richard Edelman said in a statement.

We have been deceived by officials and media sources are seen as politicized and biased. The result is a lack of quality information and an increase in divisions. “

For 56% of those polled, journalists try to confuse people and 58% believe that media companies are more concerned with supporting an ideology or a politician than with informing the public.

In a second phase of the study, carried out after the November elections in the United States, figures show that 57% of Americans who say they are Democrats say they trust the media. Among Republicans, the rate is only 18%.

These figures are close to those observed in 27 countries included in the Edelman survey, which indicates that lack of trust in the media is not a phenomenon exclusive to the United States.

Among the countries studied, trust in the media was highest in Indonesia and China, and lowest in Russia and Japan.

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