For Tourists in the Maldives, Make the Casinos in Sri Lanka Your Vacation Destination

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful island nations you will find. Located in the Indian Ocean, the 189 islands that make up the nation sit about 700 km off the coast of Asia, providing unbelievable sites and scenes. The waters are amazing and warm, the beaches are beautiful, and the sunsets are truly captivating.

For vacationers and tourists, Maldives has become a spectacular spot for a honeymoon, wedding, romantic getaway, or even a family vacation. A constant temperature of about 30°C year-round and incredible terrain and landmarks, make this a one-of-a-kind destination spot, especially for those who are looking to rekindle the romance.

Denying Some Adult Fun

There is no doubt that this is a great destination. Besides the natural beauty and spectacular weather, there are great clubs, restaurants, and other entertainment that make it a great getaway. If you are single looking to meet people from across the globe, you will be amazed by the diversity of people visiting the island. For those on a romantic getaway, it offers great activities to keep the romantic fires burning.

However, one activity that is not allowed is gambling. The country is governed by Islamic law, forbidding participation in such activities. This is why many from the Maldives choose to go to Sri Lanka on vacation. It gives them the opportunity to stay in a climate they are familiar with, while still being able to enjoy this activity.

In fact, as reported by experts, Sri Lankan online casinos offer tourists from the Maldives the perfect opportunity to enjoy time on the beach or enjoying the sites while not being locked inside a casino. They can enjoy playing their favorite games while touring the city or back in their hotel room thanks to these online options.

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A Different World

While the two countries are located a mere 1000 km from one another, they might as well be on other sides of the planet, at least when it comes to activities like this. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Maldives was one of the first countries to begin to welcome back tourists. This began as a two-phase process starting on July 15, which enabled people from around the globe to return to the sun and fun of the islands.

Sri Lanka had been welcoming tourists back since late June but made a much more concerted effort to encourage people to come to the island nation beginning August 1, about the same time that the Maldives implemented the second phase of their reopening.

While the vast majority of people living on the Maldives are Muslim, Buddhism is the state religion of Sri Lanka. While accepting other religions, the state constitution states that it is the duty of the government to create an atmosphere conducive to supporting the Buddhist faith.

Because of this significant difference, there are many laws that separate the way the two countries are run. This not only includes women’s rights but also plays a significant factor in the legality of gambling. Sri Lanka allows gambling to occur, while the Maldives bars it.

What Is Available in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has five major casinos within its territorial boundaries. All of them are found in the city of Colombo, which offers luxurious hotels and modern accommodations. Several major brands in this industry partner with the casinos in Colombo, including Bally and Bellagio. The MGM and the Star Dust also have partnerships to run casinos in the city.

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There is even talk of expanding casino operations within the city. Both Caesars Entertainment and the Las Vegas Sands are considering opening casino operations somewhere in the region, and Sri Lanka may be a destination for these two.

These facilities are available to all on the island. Whether someone is a tourist or a resident, they able to enjoy the casino-style games, which include blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, as well as slot machines.

For those who would prefer to play these games but not visit a casino, there are online casino options available as well. Several of the major online casino operators offer their services in Sri Lanka, allowing those who have created accounts in their home country to still be able to play while they visit the island nation. You can also create a new user account while visiting Sri Lanka.

A Risk to Play in the Maldives

It is true that those who live in the Maldives can use online casinos in their home country. There are several online vendors who offer their services in the country, but this comes at a risk. Laws are quite stringent against a gambling activity, and authorities have vowed to take action against those breaking the law. Little has been done to enforce those laws, it seems, but they are still on the books and put those using online casinos at risk.

The better option is to travel to a place like Sri Lanka where gambling is legalized and a person can enjoy an extended stay at a cost that fits within their budget. Despite becoming a hotbed for tourist activity, Sri Lanka remains an affordable vacation destination. Many accommodations are quite reasonable for those on any budget, and casinos are available for all.

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The best part is that gaining a visa to visit from the Maldives is easy. A person can easily obtain a 30-day visa for a small fee and enjoy the gambling experience of their life. It definitely makes it worthwhile to pay the small fee and enjoy a vacation instead of putting yourself at risk.

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