Forget France: the best croissants in the world are made in Australia – Gastronomy

Forget France: the best croissants in the world are made in Australia - Gastronomy

France is known for several things: the tower, the art and the baguettes, but also for its unique pastry. Lightning, chocolate bread, macarons of course, some croissants. Having said that, one would expect the best some croissants of the world were of French origin, but that may not be true.

According to the New York Times magazine, the best increasing du monde is not French, but Australian and is sold to Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne and created by Kate Reid. After the article, customers multiplied and the pastry shop became famous for the long pre-dawn queues of people willing to wait for hours to taste “the best some croissants of the world. ”The British site team The Guardian also knew the some croissants and guarantees that “they are very good” and “valuable enough to camp overnight” just to prove them.

Kate Reid studied the art of French confectionery at Du Pain et des Idées, recognized as one of the best in the French capital. Beyond some croissants Kate has created some more creative ones, like some croissants stuffed with pulled pork, cheese and smoked pepper, which are a hit with customers. On average, in normal season, more than 3000 are sold some croissants From Tuesday to Sunday at Lune Croissanterie.

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