Former ‘Harry Potter’ star Daniel Radcliffe reveals why he doesn’t have access to social media

Former 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe reveals why he doesn't have access to social media

Daniel Radcliffe As is clear from social media.

“Harry Potter” owner star “Hot Ones” entered the manual at the end of the season, and when dropping overheated chicken wings with each question, Radcliffe was honest with host Sean Evans, avoiding a potential trap online personality.

“I want to say that there is some kind of intelligent, well-thought-out reason for this,” the 31-year-old began. “‘I was considering getting a Twitter, and if I did, I know you’d all be awake to stories like’ Dan Radcliffe fights random person on Twitter ‘. “

Said the actor to his further Younger years He would often search online newspapers to see what was being said about him, and Radcliffe admitted, “This is crazy and a bad thing.”

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“For me, it feels like Twitter and everything is an extension of it,” he said. “If I do not want to go, read all the good things about me, it feels like another unhealthy thing.”

Radcliffe also touched on his involvement in sports in light of his recent death.Jeopardy!“Editor Alex Trebeck The Trivia show was once a whole genre dedicated to Radcliffe.

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“It’s a strange moment,” Radcliffe described the series’ end to show questions about his life and times. “The moment you see a question about me on a quiz show and the moment I’m not excited, I know I’m a little dead inside.”

The British star had a very different tone when discussing Trebeck’s death.

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“You can really tell how much he loved the game and its game,” Radcliffe said. “When someone doesn’t clear a board or there are still some questions left or no one makes much money because no one is doing well, you will see him coming a little, not angry, but he will say, ‘Well, we’ll come to Double Jeopardy after the break and I hope we all do better . ‘

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“You could say he wants to make the most intelligent people better, and that’s the essential pleasure of a quiz show,” Radcliffe said. Someone incredible for that job – but my God has some great shoes to fill them with. “

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