‘Fortnite’ and Epic now have a much bigger problem than Apple-BGR

'Fortnite' and Epic now have a much bigger problem than Apple-BGR
  • Epic Games is currently participating In a widely known legal battle With apple FortniteDue to Epic’s App Store violation, it is currently not available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Epic now has to deal with a much bigger problem than antitrust measures against Apple. The U.S. government is said to be investigating how various U.S. companies, including Epic, handle the security of personal data.
  • Chinese conglomerate Tencent holds a majority or minority stake in these companies, including a 40% stake in Epic.

Epic Games started the battle, knowing that they couldn’t win, at least so far. Company quietly Fortnite An app for iPhone and iPad with a code that activates Epic’s payment option for in-app purchases. Apple immediately banned the app, and Epic launched a promotional campaign against iPhone makers while suing Apple and Google for anti-competitive reasons.

In the days that followed, we went far beyond banning apps from Apple and told Epic that they would cancel their developer accounts for both. Fortnite This is Unreal Engine. Epic tried to stop this with a temporary restraining order. But lost in battle Fortnite. The judge said it was a self-harm wound that Epic could heal himself if he wanted. But the verdict also mentioned that Unreal Engine should not be affected. Epic continued its PR campaign Claiming that Apple was totally wrongIf you make it clear, it will not move. Apple is Fortnite Developer account without flicker, now Games cannot be played on iPhone, iPad and Mac.. A new hearing on the case is scheduled for September 28th, and the fate of the two Fortnite Unreal Engine is still playing.

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It turns out that Apple’s lawsuit is not currently Epic’s most pressing issue. Companies can have bigger enemies than in the form of the US government.

There is no doubt that Epic’s antitrust lawsuit has the advantage of targeting Apple once all the PR delays and lies that Epic makes are removed. You may need to change App Store rules, including taxes Apple receives on digital purchases. And the U.S. government may have a say in all of this at some point in the future, and this decision could also affect other digital stores, including game stores on Google Play and consoles.

But before we get to that, Epic will have to confront the Chinese government for other reasons.

Tech giant Tencent owns a 40% stake in Epic Games and owns Riot Games. It also has shares in other US companies including Activision Blizzard, Discord, Reddit and Snap. Bloomberg report The Trump administration is now asking companies to provide information about user data security.

The U.S. Foreign Investment Commission (CFIUS) wrote to Epic, Riot, and Blizzard to ask about security protocols involving personal data of U.S. customers.

This is Trump’s war with China Moves for popular Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat. The latter is also a Tencent creation.

From the outset, CFIUS has been investigating foreign acquisitions by US companies for national security risks. The committee has the power to review the full takeover and minority stake and recommend the chairman to block and clear the transaction.

“When we talk about large amounts of data, there will be something for the committee to look at,” said Aimen Mir. Bloomberg. When Mir served as Assistant Secretary for Investment Security, the Treasury Department conducted a CFIUS review. “Then the problem is that you actually have a high enough risk to force the deal.” He also said that the committee has traditionally considered how to protect sensitive data such as health, financial and public officials information, but is now expanding its scope.

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It is unclear what could happen in the future. Bloomberg Intelligence Tencent speculates that there is a risk of a forced sale similar to ByteDance’s TikTok. Bloomberg Tencent’s U.S. assets say it could be worth at least $22 billion. The Trump administration has urged tech companies to consider taking over the U.S. side of the leader, the TikTok business, after Microsoft left. ByteDance sued the administration.

The Department of Commerce will release detailed information on the WeChat and TikTok limits on September 20th. Reuters Already reported The Trump administration will block US downloads of both apps.

No matter how long the Epic vs. Apple fight takes, Epic may have to face Tencent issues first before that. that much Reuters The report notes that the actions against WeChat and TikTok will not affect Tencent’s other businesses, including online gaming operations.

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