France and Norway also win: Portugal settle for last day

France and Norway also win: Portugal settle for last day

Highlights of another day of the Handball World Cup to be held in Egypt.

Handball teams from Portugal, France and Norway beat Switzerland, Iceland and Algeria respectively this Friday, and postponed their decision to advance to the quarterfinals until the final round of the main round of the World Cup.

On the way to the final round, on Sunday, with the final match against France with eight points, seven Palo Pereira showed the defensive feature and reached six points, the Norwegians are close to the Icelanders.

The Portuguese were never unfavorable and, despite going through tough moments, won by four goals, which could have drawn the Swiss (20-18), who surprised Iceland.

Central midfielder Andy Schmidt, who scored the game’s highest score with 11 goals, was another reason why the Swiss have been resisting for so long, while front-runner Victor Iturisa was very accurate with seven players on the Portuguese team.

All six points Portugal matched with Norway, who beat Algeria 36-23, a 13-goal lead that reflected the Nordics’ absolute dominance.

At one point, Norway’s advantage was 15 goals, and in the second half, the European team’s aspirations were confirmed to be impeccable, unlike the Algerians, the latter with zero points.

In the most consistent game of the round, France had to beat Iceland 28-26, with Ellison (eight goals) leading the Icelanders to a solid display, already leading by two goals (22-20), already well into the second half.

However, the combined strength of the French imposed itself, with Mem (seven goals) driving Coles to lead the team and moving closer to the next stage of the competition.

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The results of the chicken, the first two advances to the quarterfinals were postponed until Sunday, when Portugal faced France, a six-time world champion, but it was eliminated by the Portuguese in Euro 2020, and vice-champion Norway is battling with distant Iceland. The Portuguese team wins.

In Group IV, with a draw against Slovenia (28-28), Sweden lost the isolated lead by six points, in a consistent match in which, even the Swedes, who were always ahead of the marker, gave up the final on stage.

The result matches the Nordics instead of qualifying with host Egypt, which was imposed 35-26 on Belarus today.

The advantage of nine goals, to the final end of 35-26, confirms the good performance of the “Barrows”, who have already won 21-14 against the Belarusians, with two points, preventing them from already going ‘Rooms’.

The team representing the Russian Handball Federation, which will decide both qualifications in the final round, beat Northern Macedonia (zero points) 32-20.

The Russians scored five points, in third place, with 12 different goals scored at the expense of a combined display, they face Sweden in the final round, the Egyptians scaled against the Slovenes.

For teams not in the main round of the Presidential Cup, Morocco beat South Korea 32-25, the “fastest” result of their last World Cup victory since 2007.

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