Free Xbox 360 play in live Korea for gold subscribers

Free Xbox 360 play in live Korea for gold subscribers

Free is always so good!

Red Division: Armageddon, Created game Spontaneous activation And published THQ In 2011, it was one of the most incredible games Xbox 360, Won thousands of fans for quality, combat technique and gameplay at the time.

Game to our delight Got it for free As a part of Game with gold Anyway, in September, on our friends’ land Koreans (Korea). The game works on both the Xbox 360 and Family Xbox One e Xbox Series Issued by retrocompatibility.

If you want to download the game and have fun it is very easy, just follow the step below, before you ask us, no, it is not illegal or against the rules to download the game.

By computer (Microsoft Store) Red Division: Armageddon
  1. Access the link
  2. Select the option on the left Stay in Korean-Korean
  3. Sign in using your account Live Gold
  4. Click the blue button in the right corner Free
    • Right-click and select “Translate to Portuguese” to translate the page. Red Division: Armageddon
  5. Ready, complete your free purchase by clicking “Free” or “Free” (blue button).

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