FreeRTOS LTS: Amazon’s operating system for the Internet of Things

FreeRTOS LTS: Amazon's operating system for the Internet of Things

AWS has announced a long-term support (LTS) version of its open source real-time operating system FreeRTOS for microcontrollers. FreeRTOS Mainly used in small fringe devices with low power consumption. LDS versions must be stable in their operation for two years and receive only security patches and critical bug fixes.

Updates should only include recommended updates to the FreeRTOS kernel and some libraries. Changes are made to public APIs, file structures, or processes that affect applications. This is to eliminate the risk of updates damaging an existing application.

The first version of FreeRTOS LTS was FreeRTOS 202012.00 LTS. In addition to the FreeRTOS kernel, long-term support includes many FreeRTOS libraries that require embedded and IoT applications, as well as secure connection of microcontroller devices to the cloud. These include FreeRTOS + TCP, coreMQTT, coreHTTP, corePKCS11, coreJSON and AWS IoT device shadow.

These libraries will be up to date, at least until December 31, 2022. They do not depend on any libraries other than the standard C library. Owns each LDS library GitHub-barn. This should make it easier for developers to integrate and update libraries in their FreeRTOS programs.

In addition, LDS libraries were verified by the CPMC (C-Pounded Model Checker) automated test tool for memory protection, which minimizes buffer overflow. In addition, AWS checked LDS libraries for Misra-C compatibility and subjected them to additional code quality tests, including standard cover analysis. In Download area The FreeRTOS LTS libraries There is a corresponding LDS code quality checklist.

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