French anti-hero Daniel Cartier dies at 100

French anti-hero Daniel Cartier dies at 100

As a young man Mr. Cartier became the organizer of the Action Franchise, inspired by an extreme right-wing and monarchical group Charles Moras (1868-1952), writer and politician who opposed the Republican government. Mr. Cartier became a secret admirer of the fascist leaders of Europe, but developed an equally unspoken interest in the works of the Hedonistic avant-garde writer. Andre Kid.

As the heir of a wealthy family, Mr. Cartier divided his time between summer vacations and winter skiing at the Atlantic resort of Piarritz – a way of life that ended abruptly on September 3, 1939, with the declaration of war in France and Britain. The following June, German troops captured Paris; Payne summoned a warship and established the Coalition Vichy government in southern France; And de Cole urged his supporters to continue the fight.

As German troops advanced south, Mr. Cartier and other young French soldiers at the port of Bayonne boarded a Belgian cargo ship, the Leopold II, with its captain, Mr. Stepmother. The ship had to sail to North Africa, but it changed course at sea and docked at Cornwall in the southwestern tip of England.

In London, Mr. De Cole welcomed Cartier and the other escapees. “I do not congratulate you for coming here: you did your duty,” Mr. He told them according to Cartier’s memoirs. “While France is in pain, her children are obliged to save her.”

Mr. Cartier returned to France in July 1942, an area known as the Central Intelligence Agency and Operations, also known as the PCRA in French, which served as the main channel between the British-backed de Cole’s Free and the French anti – groups.

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Armed with a revolver and a knife, he carried documents for “Rex” in Lyon. Cartier parachuted from a British plane and flew down to the French countryside, landing on a bomb of course.

Little did he know that Moulin Rex was effectively the viceroy of de Gaulle in occupied France. (Then he will not know his true identity.) After receiving the documents, Moulin asked him, “How was your trip?” He asked. And asked him for dinner. Moulin then appointed him his personal assistant.

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