French mob attacks police station with firecrackers and metal rods

French mob attacks police station with firecrackers and metal rods

Mob armed with metal rods and firecrackers police Officials said Saturday night at a station in a suburb of Paris.

About 40 people tried to raid the Champini-sur-Marne station, about nine miles southeast of central Paris. Reuters.

The police uploaded a video of firecrackers exploding in the reverse direction. The perpetrators failed to enter, but officials said that they caused great damage to the station and nearby vehicles.

No one has been arrested for attack yet.

“Last night, I was attacked violently at the Champs Finney police station with mortars and various projectiles. The police were not injured.” The Paris Police headquarters tweeted on Sunday.


The motive of the attack is unclear, but it is the third attack in the past two years.

Laurent Jeanne, mayor of Champini, said the attack could have been triggered after a scooter accident where local residents blamed the police.

“It was an organized attack of about 40 people who wanted to fight. I was nervous about those who would be willing to fight the police for days,” he told BFM TV.

Criminal activity has surged since the COVID-19 blockade across France.

Swastika patterns were sprayed around Paris over the weekend. Police tweeted photos showing a series of pillars, each with a hate sign.

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“Paris is full of ugly Nazi tags. Thank you for responding to the police. The perpetrator has been arrested,” tweeted one.

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