Fritzbox Support-Off: No AVM routers will receive updates anymore

Fritzbox Support-Off: No AVM routers will receive updates anymore
When the Fritz boxes are different Supermarket Always two encounters. The EOM – “End of Maintenance” (In German: setting up maintenance) describes the day when Fritzbox will no longer receive any updates or attachments. Nevertheless, customers can still use the router and use the AVM to stay on hand with questions and issues. Changes with it EOS – “End of Support”, Hence the end of Fritzbox support. It was the last to be affected Fritzbox 7581; Their support ceased on May 31, 2020.

By the end of the year, two more AVM routers are threatening to be slowly but surely sidelined. On the one hand, it is worrying Fritzbox 6590 cable; With December 31, 2020 AVM stops updates, and support expires after six months. Already January 2, 2021 The next AVM device is as follows; After this date Fritzbox 7580 No more updates. Support will be guaranteed until November 2022.

Fortunately for users: usually the end of support after the actual date. AVM generally guarantees the life cycle of the Fritzbox for at least five years. If it ends before this, the change in the modern Fritz box is an immediate reminder to the user.

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