From Cassette to Joystick: A Journey into the Past Using ‘Vintage’ Technology from the 80s and 90s | Photography

From Cassette to Joystick: A Journey into the Past Using 'Vintage' Technology from the 80s and 90s |  Photography

Who grew up as a photographer in the 80s and 90s Anabella Pinto, It VHS, cassettes, floppy disks, photo rolls, camcorders, court phones, Joysticks, Analog televisions with basic antennas Objects that have become obsolete with the technological advances of the past decades and, more importantly, are unknown to those born in the 21st century. This is between the author of the photo series Precious things These objects Vintage An intimate relationship that marks her childhood, in a way, confronts her with “her own death”. After all, time has passed, and at home, we have things that lose their usefulness, and therefore, we have a reason to exist. Is that so?

No matter how many documents and images a floppy disk can hold, we cannot “reopen” it. How many home movies filled with personal memories are on VHS or Hi8 tape? How many green and black Armstrong computer games can be played again? “Objects of the past have a mythical dimension,” he explains Anabela To P3 via video conference. “They are connected to our appearance, and they are part of the elements that make up our identity.” The presence of these pieces in the domestic context “creates new visual landscapes and (…) shapes our everyday rituals”, he notes, as part of his master’s degree in the arts, between 2018 and 2020, in the summary of the project he created. Photography at the Royal College of Art in London, which is already on display in the English capital, Paris, the village of La Sux-de-Funds, Switzerland and Los Angeles, USA.

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It is these landscapes of the interior that, under blue light, are remarkably television and artificial, Anabella Pinto recreates to visit the distant past again. Kitch e Nostalgia. To activate them, he had to search for several hours, Sites Sale of used goods, since not all are part of his personal garden. Invest a few more pounds. “Then I thought I could sell stuff, but I was connected and didn’t sell anything It also says a lot about the relationship with objects. “

At the heart of this series of photographs is the human-machine partnership. The technological age, in the digital age, functions as an extension of the human mind and body. In a remarkable consumer society ruled by a “technological cult,” materialistic desire is closely linked to the pursuit of happiness, says Ficura da Foss, a natural photographer. “The products we consume channel, the ones that reflect and feed the emotions are the users.” Do we consume to be happy? Do we have things that make us happy or that make us happy? Do we keep memories in objects? With photos of Anabella Pinto, there is no purpose Precious things, Answer these questions. Leave us pictures as starting points for reflection.

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