FTC prepares antitrust lawsuit against Facebook

FTC prepares antitrust lawsuit against Facebook

According to those familiar with the matter, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook Inc. by the end of the year in a case that could challenge the company’s dominant position on social media.

Case preparation took more than a year to investigate concerns that the FTC is using its strong market position to curb competition as part of the U.S. antitrust authorities’ widespread efforts to investigate the conduct of a handful of dominant technology companies. It came out after sending.

No final decision has been made on whether to sue Facebook, and folks familiar with the matter said, they don’t always sue even when they’re in preparation, such as when the commission decides not to file antitrust complaints against Google. After a long investigation, in 2013, Inc.

Facebook is in the late stages of its investigation and is still in the process of filing a lawsuit with the committee despite recent efforts by FTC staff. Testify From CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this is something the committee did not do during a preliminary investigation into the company’s privacy practices. Because of that Record $5 billion settlement.

A majority of the five-person FTC must vote in favor of the lawsuit. The committee consists of three Republicans and two Democrats, including Chairman Joseph Simons.

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