Full Moon in Halloween 2020: Rare Blue Moon Light Up the Sky

Full Moon in Halloween 2020: Rare Blue Moon Light Up the Sky
The eerie season has come. It’s going to be a little eerie tonight.

Halloween’s night sky is illuminated by the blue moon, the second full moon per month. Relatively rare occurrences occur on average every two and a half years, according to NASA’s National Space Science Data Center.

There is a full moon every month, but because the lunar cycle and calendar year are not perfectly synchronized, about every three years, two occur in the same month.

The first full moon of October, also known as Harvest Month, appears on the first day of each month. The second full moon or blue moon can be seen on October 31st. Blue Moon appears for the first time in the Americas since March 2018.

Also, this is the first time since 1944, according to Farmers’ Almanac, a Halloween full moon has appeared at all times. The last Halloween full moon appeared was in the 2001 Central and Pacific time zones.

The “once in a blue moon” phenomenon doesn’t necessarily mean that the moon will look blue on Halloween. The dark blue tone of the evening sky can affect the colors we see, but Earth’s satellites will hardly appear blue.

In general, the bluish hue of the moon is due to smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, such as major volcanic eruptions.

When the phrase “once in a blue moon” was coined, according to NASA, it meant that you were lucky or unlucky you could see in your lifetime.

So, if something weird happens on Halloween, there may be a good reason.

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