Funny Mariah Carey Christmas Ornament

Funny Mariah Carey Christmas Ornament

My, what beautiful eyes she has.

Maria Gary is the queen of Christmas, so it is only appropriate to have her on your Christmas tree.

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Apparently, Kyle Blaine’s husband knew this, which is why he got this ornament.

My husband and I exchange jewelry every year, and this year he received me mar Maria Carey It was so festive!

Full disclosure: Kyle worked at BuzzFeed News. Hi Kyle!

An ornament is SO perfect it should not be.

Does it really have to be IDK?

But, it makes me happy.

Because it is perfect in its own special way.

Maria Carey’s response to seeing the jewelry makes me very happy. I think she was not happy with how she was represented ??????????

It is … not recognized 😐 (but it is intended)

Anyway, I like it, I like something even though I am Jewish and not a Christmas tree.

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