Genshin Impact adds items that make fast travel more convenient

Genshin Impact adds items that make fast travel more convenient

When released in September, Genshin Impact surprised players with beautiful open worlds and gaming styles that are often not seen in free games. Now developer MiHoYo wants to change a few things the player says is boring after playing every day for almost a month, including how fast travel works.

The changes are MiHoYo’s blog post, Reporter: Gamer, Addressed an issue raised by a multiplayer survey sent by the developer within the game. One of these has to do with fast travel.

Summarized player feedback summed up: “It takes a lot of time to travel through the game world and I want to be able to set my own teleport waypoints for areas I visit frequently.” MiHoYo replied, “We have developed an item that provides this kind of functionality that can be used for free on a new system.” “Travelers can find this in version 1.1!”

Players can use both unlocked teleport waypoints and seven statues as quick travel points, but some common destinations, such as in-world boss battles, require the tedious task of trekking at teleport points or climbing cliffs.

MiHoYo did not create a lot of other information about the upcoming items. 1.1 Reddit leaked patch notes Describes “Portable Teleporter”. It can be placed in any area and serves as an additional teleport waypoint for up to 7 days before expiration.

Patch 1.1 is scheduled for November 11th, and promises to bring several important quality of life updates, including improvements to the malicious resin system, as well as a roster of new characters and weapons.

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