George Jesus: Ben I said I was going to play Benfica twice, but for that I had to train them »- Benfica

George Jesus: Ben I said I was going to play Benfica twice, but for that I had to train them »- Benfica

The red coach is not surprised by the opposition from the fans

A few days after the draw with Arsenal, Benfica are back in the league, facing Forensic in Algiers tomorrow. George believes Jesus will face a strong team that will cause difficulties for the Reds, but also hopes for the success of his team.

Short preparation time
“This is part of it. We’ll play for the championship in 15 days. You ask me that question. This is a sign that we’ll be out of Arsenal. Fear? All games in the league are tough. We have strong opponents. Trying to play is ours.Benfica have been improving its intensity over the last month, but that is not so true in the results.I notice this progress of the team because the players are within their physical limits to train.They are well-organized defensive opponents, some quality players, others have 1st league experience. We decided to look for only one: victory and three points. “


George Jesus explains the absence of Samaris: an opportunity to perform surgery

Competition for President and Rui Costa. Are the supporters right?
“What I can say is that here in our home, the president, the coach, Rui and the players we are united, we are determined because we know this time we have 13 points at first. We know what happened to us in a month, half. Fans, Of course, they want to win whatever they want, no matter what happens to the team, but today we know we have a second round to go as we do not have these problems.Expectations for my arrival in Portugal I’m going to play twice more than Benfica, but for that I I could not train them for two months. Benfica, in front of the existing teams, did not have a single penalty in the 20th round. I’m not talking about this, everyone is talking about this, not just VAR, to be penalized in favor No … these are points too. There are many ‘ifs’, but what happened to us is true. ”

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