Georgia Dem Senate candidate signs a letter comparing Israeli control of the West Bank to apartheid in South Africa

Georgia Dem Senate candidate signs a letter comparing Israeli control of the West Bank to apartheid in South Africa

Rev. Rafael Warnock, Democrat Senate Candidate Georgia The man who advanced to the race for the January race was found to have signed the comparison report last year Israeli West Bank control over “previous repressive regimes” such as “military occupation of Namibia under apartheid South Africa”.

Warnock, who received 32.87 percent of the vote in his race, won the January election. Kelly will face Lofler. Lofler received 25.97% of the vote with Republican Challenge President Doug Toussaint.

The Letter Written by faith leaders from historically African American and South African churches, they all made a trip to Israel in the spring of 2019. Warnock was one of the signatories to the letter.

Where things are: The battle for the Senate

The letter testified that the group testified during a visit to the occupied territory: “The ever-present wall walls of the Palestinians on a political wall reminiscent of the Berlin Wall”, “the intense militarization of the West Bank and the military occupation of Namibia by racist South Africa.” “

During World War I, South Africa launched a military campaign to occupy the German colony of present-day Namibia, southwest Africa. In 1988, after decades of intense international pressure, South Africa signed an agreement at UN headquarters to abandon Namibia.

The group said they saw Jewish and Palestinian perspectives. Nevertheless, they said they were “shocked at the blockade of Palestinian territories in order to make the proposed two-state solution almost impractical.”

Control of control by two Rhonoffs Senate in January

The National Council of Churches testified that they said: “Separation laws that allow one thing for the Jewish people and one thing for the Palestinians; We found evidence of forced removal; Homes were abandoned, olive trees were uprooted or confiscated, shops and businesses whose doors were welded to close any business operations. ”

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Separately, the Progressive National Baptist Conference, a Resolution It listed Warnock as a member of the delegation, calling on Israel to “end all military assistance to Israel” and “cooperate with the United Nations”: Israel: “new, occupied Palestinian territories, illegal Israeli settlements, checkpoints and racist road.”

But he said Warnak’s campaign was opposed to ending direct military aid to Israel.

“Reverend Warnock has deep respect for the United States’ invaluable relationship with Israel and how Georgia continues to benefit from that friendship. His reservation on immigration measures does not change his strong support for Israel and his confidence in its security – which is why he concludes direct military assistance to such a strong ally.” Warneck campaign spokeswoman Terence Clark told Fox in a statement.

Sen said Warnock’s signature on the letter “follows the history of anti-Israel positions.” Lofler’s campaign said.

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“From accepting the anti-Zionist Black Lives matter and defending the anti-Semitic views expressed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to calling Israel a ‘repressive regime’ for its fight against terrorism,” Rafael Warneck, director of the Lofsen News Said in a statement.

“Kelly Lofler is determined to support America’s strongest ally, which is why hard-working Georgians support her,” the statement continued, “and Kelly will always stand with left-wing extremists such as Rafael Warnak and the lives of the Jewish people at home and abroad. ”

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