Georgia football winners and losers from the 2021 recruitment class

Georgia football winners and losers from the 2021 recruitment class

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Georgia football winners and losers following the early signing period of 2021

Winner: Kirby Smart Recruitment in the State of Georgia

The goal of recruitment should not be to get the best players close to your school. Must be able to get the best players anywhere in the country.

That’s why it never makes sense for Kirby to do smart ding and how he has incorporated the state of Georgia into the last two recruitment cycles. Of course Georgia left its reasonably talented state. But it has also been brought into the No. 2 and No. 1 recruitment classes in the last two cycles.

That trend reversed itself in the 2021 cycle as Georgia lost targets outside some of its states – both Mason Smith and Donovan Edwards were selected to play for home-state schools instead of the Bulldogs – but the state was cleaned up.

Seven of the top 11 players from the state of Georgia were signed by the Bulldogs. If the Miami quarterback signing removes Jack Garcia, he will not go here after being transferred to the state from California to play his senior season, with the Bulldogs signing seven of the top 10.

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The 2021 recruitment class is also the first time Georgia has signed on to the top spot since taking over Kirby Smart. Attacking attacker Amarius Mims received that honor this year because he will be the 7th person overall in the country. So that story is definitely dead.

So when Smart was asked how it came to be, he clarified it had little to do with geography or the Bulldogs in-state heavy class in the vicinity of Georgia.

“I like the best footballers. I like high profile people who care about the team and love the UGA. If it’s a baby 15 minutes or 15 hours away, I’m very comfortable. “

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Smart added that despite being injured by the lack of visits to the state of Georgia, it kept a lot of state children from visiting schools outside the state of Georgia.

Bulldogs signed another top 3 recruitment class. Last year, most of those children were from outside the state. This year, most of them are from the state of Georgia.

The truth is, Smart and his coaching staff are very talented at getting the best players in the country, no matter where they come from.

Loser: Georgia’s 2021 Cornerback Depth

Georgia saw only one confirmation on Wednesday. It doesn’t come from a great opportunity, but it happens at a critical level of need.

The country’s top JUCO cornerback and 4-star prospect D’John Warren has been flown from Georgia to Jackson State.

You may be scratching your head as to why Georgia is defending a school that doesn’t even play at the FBS level. This is where Diane Sanders will now be remembered as head coach at Jackson State. The Hall of Fame defensive back has some strong traction on other defensive backs.

With the landing of Bulldogs 4-star Nyland Green and 4-star Camari Laciter, Georgia signed on to two of the prospects expected to be cornerbacks at the college. Both of those chances were rated higher than Warren, but he was more prepared for the college game because Warren comes from JUCO teams.

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Depending on what Eric Stokes and Tyson Campbell decide to do, the Bulldogs may need Green and Laciter to play early. If both choose to go pro, there is a real possibility that some big questions for Georgia will be in the cornerback position for the first time.

It is worth remembering that Smart is one of the best defensive back coaches in the country. There are options that could go into a doomsday scenario, such as moving Tyrek Stevenson to those places for Georgia. Kelly Ringo and Jalan Kimper are also talented 2020 signatories and they are eager to make an impact.

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But losing Warren certainly beats Georgia on a day when there is little play.

Winner: Matt Luke

After Georgia signs seven offensive lines in the 2020 recruitment cycle, Georgia will no longer have to bring in a large-scale offensive.

But offensive line coach Matt Luke calculated those limited spaces. In his first year in Georgia, Luke signed a total of four attack lines. Three of them are in the top 100, with Mims at 7th, Mike Morris at 63rd and Dylan Forsyth at 97th. All three attackers were from the state of Georgia.

“I’m so excited about this team. They’re athletes. They’re big. They’re so bright, they’m good kids,” Smart said. “Those guys, I can not say enough about each of them. Matt Luke takes those people inside and starts training them. ”

Fourth recruitment 3-star opportunity Jared Wilson, he should not be forgotten. He was good enough to play for Sam Pitman, and now when Arkansas head coach was in Georgia he promised to return to the project.

“Jared Wilson was one of the first people we targeted at size, width, arm size, athletic ability, etc. It was a good goal and working very hard,” Smart said. “He really comes from an athletic background. He’s a great kid.”

In 247 Sports Selector Ranking, None other than Luke, Georgia’s highest ranking assistant coach. With two back-to-back strong classes, Luke will have a tough time following this in the 2022 recruitment cycle. But it should be fun to see how he tries to get to the top of the list.

Loser: Non-elite teams

From a recruitment perspective, there are five elite teams: Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU and Clemson. You can throw Oklahoma there as well, however its success is often limited to recruitment on the offensive side of the ball.

But the first five teams mentioned dominate college football, which always starts with recruitment. Since the start of the college football playoffs in 2014, those five teams have been responsible for everything except one win playoff win.

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All of these teams keep further distance from themselves and from good teams like Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame and USC.

Of the top 100 in the county, 47 went to those top five schools. Alabama is 13th, followed by Ohio State with 12th. Both the Bulldogs and the LSU came with eight, the Clemson six.

That means the rest of the country has come up with 53 of those top 100 opportunities.

The gap between the elite and the rest of college football is widening. Since Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State are usually in the playoffs, we see that game on the field. Georgia usually lurks around. Notre Dame has figured out how to make things interesting as they have signed four to 100 employees in this cycle and are ready to create a college football playoff for the second time in two seasons.

College football has basically broken the playoff game. This has allowed Georgia’s richest and most powerful schools to continue to have the best talent in mind as it is also one of the few schools that can consistently sell that can compete for a place in the college football playoffs. This trend of super recruitment teams will continue as long as there is an expansion of the college football playoffs. Harm to the game.

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