Georgia Sen. DOJ investigates Berduo stock trading: Report

Georgia Sen.  DOJ investigates Berduo stock trading: Report

Stock trading Wealthy Sen. David Bertue, R-Co., Raised eyebrows at the judiciary this spring, after seeing an email two days before a major share came in an email informing him of “upcoming changes” within a company. Sale.

DOJ investigation, it was reported New York Times, Focused on selling a share of Bertou’s $ 1 million to $ 86 million in shares of Cortitics, before it fell in late January, as the corona virus epidemic began to catch up worldwide, according to congressional revelations.

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Cortlitzks, Atlanta-based financial technology company,

Scott Grimes, CEO of Cortlitz, a former board member of Bertou, emailed Bertou a few days ago with a vague message.

Weeks later, in March, after the company’s stock plummeted further after unexpected headwinds and unpredictable returns, Bertue repurchased $ 30,000 a share, investing between $ 200,000 and $ 500,000.

Those shares have now quadrupled in value, closing at $ 121 a share on Tuesday.

According to the NYT, the DOJ eventually decided that the email contained no meaningful public information and refused to pursue the charges.

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However, stock trading was a key point for anti-democratic John Osof – especially as Berduque prepares to defend his place in the meticulously raced race in Georgia in January.

Ossoff used the issue to provoke Berto against the constituencies fighting under the financial and health risks posed by COVID-19 and to portray the current senator as a “traitor”.

It is illegal to use non-public information obtained from a company’s insider or member of Congress to make investment decisions, but as far as financial technology stocks are concerned Berduau’s camp has refused to make any mistake.

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“The bipartisan Senate ethics committee, the DOJ and the SEC, destroyed Senator Berduwa months ago independently and expeditiously,” Berdui spokesman John Burke told the Associated Press.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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