German protesters protest against coronavirus restrictions and fail to form human chains around the lake

German protesters protest against coronavirus restrictions and fail to form human chains around the lake

German The protesters were unable to gather enough people to form human chains around the lake due to thousands of protests. Corona virus Restricted according to reports.

Police say two other protests have gathered in Konstanz. Some criticize and some support government action. Reuters Report.

The number of protesters is estimated at about 11,000, and the situation is “real”, he explained.

President Trump could go back’as early as tomorrow’ if things continue to improve, doctors say.

Opposition protesters attempted to form human chains around Lake Constance, but failed to attract enough people, Sky News reported.

Protesters holding the flag of the German Empire with a photo of US President Donald Trump in front of the Brandenburg Gate ahead of a protest against the Coronavirus countermeasure by the German government in Berlin, Germany on Saturday, August 29, 2020.
(Dpa via Christophe Gateau/AP)

Germany performed relatively well compared to other countries and had lower infection and mortality rates in most pandemics.

However, the number of cases is growing again, and authorities are considering additional restrictions that confuse some of the population.

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Local authorities have taken measures, such as social distancing, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but have also banned the use of the flag of the German Empire, a symbol used by Neo-Nazis and other far-right groups.

The protesters gathered for various reasons, including civil rights and anti-white papers, and members of far-right groups attended. Sky news coverage.

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In the past month, marches have been held in Germany for a similar cause. Especially in late August there was a march in Berlin.

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The police forcefully removed the protesters. Raid the Parliament Building, Some of them are holding Reichsflagge.

German President Frank-Walterstein Meyer responded to the incident: “The imperial flag and right-wing extremist provocation in front of the German Commonwealth House is an irresistible attack on the center of our democracy. “We will never accept this.”

Robert Habeck, co-president of the German Green Party, called for a thorough investigation into the case.

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“The fact that the Nazis with the imperial war flag are about to attack the House of Commons recalls the darkest period in German history,” he told Funke Media Group.

Fox News’ Robert Gearty contributed to this report.

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