Get Windows 10 for free now! Here’s how to do it!

Get Windows 10 for free now!  Here's how to do it!

It is true that Microsoft officially completed the free Windows 10 update program in 2016. However, you can still avail this offer. In fact, the latest website of Windows has found that the new operating system is completely free for Windows 7 users. So you can instantly access the digital key. That means you only need to have the proper Windows 7 license to get the new digital key.

Get Windows 10 for free now! Here’s how to do it!

Let’s go later Explain to you How can you do that.

First, you have to get used to it Windows 7 Or Windows 8.1 is enabled on your device or virtual machine.

Then go to the Windows 10 download page and download the tool. Available Here.

Open the Media Creator tool and select “Update this system now”. Remember that you must click the Accept button to accept the Terms and Conditions.

10 shipping windows

Now select the update option where you can keep the files and information. Because if you do a clean installation using Media Creation tool, you will not get Windows 10 for free!

Once the installation is complete, connect your device or virtual machine to the Internet to proceed.

Click the Activate button and your computer will be activated with a digital license. This is only after establishing a connection to Microsoft servers.

If for some reason you are unable to get the license, you can enter the Windows 7 key manually and activate it manually.

However, this also applies to Windows 8.1.

In fact, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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In this regard, I had an experience today Computer It was with Windows 7 and it worked wonderfully.

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