Get your old Google icons back with this Chrome extension.

Get your old Google icons back with this Chrome extension.

Life is constantly changing, but it’s especially insane to experience change in the extremely uncertain times we all go through. Luckily, you have some control over your web browser. Created by designer Claudio Postinghel, this new Chrome extension allows you to replace icons similar to the old ones from Google that have been redesigned. Gizmodo).

When announced in early October Google’s massive G Suite brand change As a way to set up the search giant’s products to better compete with Microsoft Office. However, the newly named Google Workspace has brought a redesigned and cohesive collection of app icons that are very difficult to recognize even from a distance.

New icon.
Image: Google

The new icon retained the default look of the old icon, but replaced with a clear, distinct color for a thick outline made with Google’s usual red, blue, green and yellow color scheme. The icons all look like fragments, but the same quality actually causes the icons to disappear from the crowded tab bar. The changes also make it much easier to lose important tabs or close tabs for wrong reasons. It’s a separate issue, but it has a similar effect. If you’re color blind and rely on the distinct differences between the old icons, working with Google Workspace is potentially much more difficult.

You have downloaded the extension and can check if it works as you want. if Reviews and comments What signs are there in Postinghel’s expansion, many people care about the change and are happy with this solution. Now, there is a way to switch back to Google’s proven icon design with a similar extension for Firefox. Site of Postinghel. If you think you need some control, give it a try. It can make a difference.

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