Giant tech companies join a movement that allows employees to work from home

Work From Home

More and more big tech companies are allowing their employees to work from home up until fall or even till the end of the year. Facebooks confirmed that the employees who can work from home will be able to continue doing so until the end of the year. The offices will not reopen until July 6. Previously, the plan was to continue work-from-home practices until the end of May. CEO Sandar Pichai announced that most Google workers will probably stay at home until the end of the year. The previous plan of Google was to reopen by June 1. Rich Barton, CEO, and co-founder of Zillow, an online real estate company, said that his approach to work from home has been changed drastically and this pandemic will have a lasting effect on how people think about working from home. Companies like Google and Facebook are famous for spending a lot of money on making offices as comfortable and fun as possible. However, they were the first ones to ask their employees to stay at home when COVID-19 started to spread on the west coast. Amazon allows the workers who work “effectively” from home to do so until at least October 2. They say that if they still ask their workers to show up at the office, they try to make sure that the conditions are as safe as possible; that the masks and hand-sanitizers are available and the deep-cleaning of offices takes place.

Home-offices could be the future of giant companies? 

Pandemic changed everything. People who worked for giant tech companies had an opportunity to stay at home and work from their favorite room or chair. It’s something that pandemic influenced positively. Does working from home mean that the end of real-office work is near? Home office is a different feeling and employees are loving it. When you stay home and work from your favorite chair, it changes your mindset. You are not controlled by the manager and not being told to focus on work every minute. Home-office movement is exactly the same as the casino industry has done to the digital world. Traditional casino brands have changed their perspective during the pandemic and adapted to the digital world. All the traditional casino games were adapted to online platforms and gave another level of satisfaction to players. Just like home-office, casino gamers now have a chance to sit at their favorite chair and play the casino games on their tablet, laptop or smartphone. Casino providers offer not only traditional but also the fresh and creative adaptation of popular sports and video game characters. Players can enjoy slots, roulette, poker and blackjack card game on iGaming platforms. That’s why pandemic transformed almost every industry. iGaming providers are satisfied with adaptation to the digital world and home-office movement could see the same type of response from employees by the end of the year. 

Tech offices could look very different when employees return

The offices will look drastically different than they used to before the COVID-19 pandemic. They will have hand-sanitizers and more personal space, maybe even glass barriers between people, say the experts on the office space management and design. This will bring many cultural changes. Qumulo, a Seattle-based start-up, plans to organize their workspace in a way that would provide six feet distance in every direction between individuals. The conference halls will also allow a greater distance between people than they did previously. Probably the commonly used amenities such as espresso machines will be taken away. They also think about how to minimize the need to touch surfaces such as door handles. They try to figure out the ways to supply their workers with hand sanitizers and masks. The safety and health of the employees and customers is the top priority for the company and they are trying to minimize the risks. Bigger companies have more resources to make the transition easier. Some tech companies in ASIA already have experience from the SARS outbreak and know how to handle the difficulties. Intel published a return to work plan. They are planning to return the workers to the offices after the lock-down is lifted and are rearranging their space. Madrona Venture Group has a tool-kit of resources for companies planning the return to work. The tool kit includes things from how each worker should clean their workspace to how to monitor that people stay 6 feet apart. When it comes to the timeline, many companies choose to have different plans of when to return the workers to the offices, than instructed by the officials. They usually give their employees more time to stay at home if they can work remotely.

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