Gilberto of BBB21 passes the doctoral selection of the American university | Outside the house

Gilberto of BBB21 passes the doctoral selection of the American university |  Outside the house

Have dreams that can come true! And this has been recurring in the life of Pernambuco Gilberto, from BBB21. The economics doctoral student is confined to the most watched house in Brazil, making one of his big wishes come true as he is a fan of reality, and has now passed the doctoral selection at a university in Texas, USA , with the right to a scholarship.

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Mrs Jacira, the brother’s mother, tells #RedeBBB that this approval has always been a son’s dream and is the result of a lot of effort.

“It’s his dream of a lifetime. He goes to a university abroad, the result of a lot of study and dedication. Days and days without leaving home, without having contact with anyone, without going to parties, with nothing. ”Jacira remembers, citing the days and nights that her son devotes to his studies.

According to Jacira, approval and the scholarship were Gilberto’s dreams – Photo: Globo

Without hiding her joy and pride, Dona Jacira continues to comment that she doesn’t know how Gilberto will react when she leaves BBB21 and finds that her other dream has come true.

“I believe he will be very happy, he will cry, because this is the dream of a lifetime and it will be really true for him. I know I’m very, very happy! I know if he was there , it would jump and vibrate! “.

“I received the news with great joy, I am very happy”, rejoices Gil’s mother.

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