Giuliani’s son considering bidding mayor in New York: report

Giuliani's son considering bidding mayor in New York: report

Former son New york city market Rudy Giuliani Following in the footsteps of my father New York Post He can run for mayor in 2021.

Elder Giuliani is currently very critical of Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Andrew is no different. Discussing his potential political plans, he warned that if the next mayor is the same as the current mayor, the city could go down to a low that hasn’t been seen in decades.

New York City Democrats run a campaign advertisement that the city’s history calls DE BLASIO’worst mayor’.

34-year-old Andrew Giuliani told The Post, “I’m definitely thinking about it. That’s what a lot of people I trust have come to me. It’s been awful to see how the city spirals over the past few years. In 2021,” If the right candidate doesn’t win, de Blasio’s policy for four years will remind us of the 80s.”

Citing recent budget cuts and the abolition of the Civilian Crime Prevention Department, he said de Blasio “does not value the New York Police Department and does not value what it has done for the city.”

NYC CEO worked with DE BLASIO to tackle crime and quality of life.

It was Rudy Giuliani who was strong in the crime and brought New York City back from the depths. His son explained how he would use a similar philosophy when he got the job done.

“It’s a broken window policing, empowers the NYPD to do its job, takes more responsibility for introducing the private sector and creating economic opportunities. I’ve been stuck in a cycle of government dependence for a long time,” he told the post. “The key to all of this is public safety. This is what makes New Yorkers feel safe and tourists feel safe to come here.”

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Currently, Andrew serves as President Trump’s public liaison assistant and continues to focus on the upcoming elections.

“We are working hard to get the President to cross the finish line on November 3rd, and we will focus on how we can save New York City right after that,” he said.

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