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Filmes que a Globo vai passar no fim de semana (01/01 a 04/01)

Cine Holistic 2, The Man of Steel and Kung Fu Panda 3 are the highlights of the show in early 2021.

On the first weekend of 2021, Red Globo produced a special: Two National Cinema Successes! On Friday, Cine Holistic 2 is with Edmilson Bilho and Samantha Schmuts; In turn, the dawn from Saturday to Sunday takes SOS Girls to Sea 2, starring Giovanni Antonelli and Renault Gianchini (the boy returns to Verdates Secrets 2, you know?).

The Man of Steel appears to be flying in front of the Domingo du Fosto, while the Kung Fu Panda 3 is at maximum temperature. Closing the gap with the gold key, Matt Damon returns to the last film of the Jason Bourne franchise. See full list:

New Year Celebration – Cine Holistic 2 – A Cipada Sidebar (01/01 at 22:30)

After the success of the first film, Edmilson reconsidered the role of Bilho Franciscladison, who was inspired by a dream experience and decided to make a sci-fi film, on a low budget, with the support of the residents of Pacquiao.

Cine Holistic 2 – A Lateral Whip (Review of Adorosinima)

Saturday Session – Forest Comp – Storyteller (14/10 at 01/02)

Of these classic six Oscar winners, Tom Hanks plays the beloved Forrest pole, who became an important figure in many milestones in the second half of the 20th century, but fame or success does not affect his good heart.

Supersyn – SOS Girls at Sea 2 (January 3 at 12:20 p.m.)

Adriana (Giovanna Antonelli), Louisa (Fabula Nazcimento) and Dialinda (Dalita Carata) make another crazy trip. This time, they take part in a trip to prevent Andre’s ex-girlfriend (Renaulto Gianneshini) from trying to get him back.

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According to the Adorosinima newsroom, the best Brazilian films you should see

Maximum Temperature – Kung Fu Panda 3 (14/20 at 01/03)

In the third aspect of the famous franchise, the cute Poe tries to learn to master his Xia, but is distracted when he meets his biological father – who takes him to the secret village of pandas. At the same time, his team must thwart the plans of the powerful villain Coy.

Box Office Champions – The Man of Steel (January 3 at 3:55 pm)

Directed by Jack Snyder, the first feature of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent follows the beginning of the journey of the powerful comic book hero. When the horrible couple (Michael Shannon) finds his whereabouts and threatens Earth, Kal-El must become a symbol of hope.

Justice League: All we know about Snyder Cut

Main Sunday – Jason Bourne (January 3 at 10:30 pm)

Many years after his disappearance, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) returns to the United States with the release of new information about his past. The former boss (Tommy Lee Jones) wants to thwart his plans, but a new CIA agent (Alicia Vicander) wants to hire him.

Owning the Globe: What’s going on in Mathrubhumi?

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