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Harrison Ford It doesn’t take me as a very sentimental person, but he made some exceptions to respect himself. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Co-star Sean Connery, WHO Died last weekend At the age of 90

Read the Harrison Ford Sean Connery tribute below.

“He was my father… not life…” Ford said in Indie 3. Kinds Connery’s death this week. “The joy cannot be known until someone takes Sean Connery and sees him creak in a car next to a Russian motorbike bounced along a bumpy, winding mountain pass. God, we were happy. Hope he has a golf course if he’s in heaven. Dear friend, relax.”

Connery was Ford’s father and ascetic Dr. Played Henry Jones, Sr. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Here’s a scene from the movie Ford mentioned in his tribute:

You can see Connery spinning around in the video: 33 points. And it’s a really great overall performance. I love the look of the little joy passing by Connery’s face when Ford realizes he’s trying to paralyze a Nazi soldier, and I love the way he quickly returns to the role of Stern’s father when the conflict ends and shrinks Indie’s pride. Way. These two actors and the last moment of the movie “Indiana… “Let it go” How wonderful is the dynamic between the moments? It brings me every time. He was Far from perfect It was off camera, but he was a really great actor.

Variety has a few more memories of Connery, but the only other thing to include here is Ford’s star Wars Director’s Section Last crusader Co-author George Lucas.

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“Sir Sean Connery has left an indelible mark in film history through his talent and momentum,” said Lucas. “His audience has played his favorite roles for generations to come. He will always take a special place in my heart as Indie’s dad. With an air of intellectual authority and a cunning sense of comedy playfulness, only someone like Sean Connery can instantly turn Indiana Jones into boyish regret or relief through a strict father’s scolding or joyful hug. Thank you for knowing him and having the luck to work with him. I think it’s his family.”

Next is the last minute. Last crusader, Follows the movie’s four protagonists exiting Crescent Gorge and entering a glorious blockbuster sunset.

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