Godzilla Vs. Cong | The first trailer has been released – check it out!

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A Warner Released the first trailer “Godzilla vs. Cong”. See above (subtitles).

The film follows the Monsters Legendary. The summary describes: Myths confront each other “Godzilla Versus. Kong ”, when these mythical enemies find themselves in a glorious battle in which the fate of the world will come into effect. Kong and his bodyguards make the perilous journey to find their true home. With them is a young orphan named Jia, who has a unique and strong connection with Kang. But they do not know that they are on the path of the angry Godzilla, who is leaving the path of destruction all over the planet. This epic battle between two Titans, triggered by hidden forces, is only the beginning of the mystery at the center of the earth.

Cast Actors Alexander Scorskard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Diary Henry, Shun Okuri, Isa Gonzalez, Julian Denison, Kyle Chandler and Demon Pichir.

Eric Pearson (“Thor: Ragnarok”) Max Maxstein (“Godzilla II: King of Monsters”), Based on a story created by a team Legendary pictures Created by Terry Rocio (from franchise) “Caribbean Island Pirates”), Patrick McKay E. J. D. Payne (from “Star Trek: Without Borders”). Adam Wingard (“Death note”) Director.

“Against Godzilla. Kong ”opens March 26 in theaters and theaters in the United States HBO Max. The date for the premiere in Brazil has not yet been confirmed.

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