Google can turn YouTube into a shopping website

Google can turn YouTube into a shopping website

YouTube is already monetizing through advertising, YouTube Premium (remove those ads), and membership in certain channels. According to the new report, it seems that the company is preparing to add generic shopping features to the list.

Bloomberg is asking YouTube to tag and track the products included in the video, which will be linked to Google’s analytics and shopping tools. The end goal is for Google to sell products directly through YouTube instead of only advertising products from other sites. A YouTube spokesman confirmed that the company was testing the functionality through a handful of channels, but did not share any details.

The most probable implementation of this feature is based on: Google ShoppingIt is already tightly integrated with search. Google Shopping Thousands of retail stores big and small, Best Buy, Target, Costco and Overstock. However, it was not completely dominant. Wal-Mart withdrew in 2019, Some other large stores are missing from the list. But the tight integration with YouTube (and the sales that could come with it) can drive more stores to sign up.

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