Google confirmed that the pixel 5 screen spacing is part of the phone design

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  • Google has confirmed that the Pixel 5’s screen spacing is part of the phone’s design.
  • The owners were concerned that the visible gap between the screen and the console was a flaw.
  • The company has also confirmed that the gap does not affect the Pixel 5’s water and dust resistance.

soon Google Pixel 5 Buyers who made their debut last month reported on online forums for fear of the possibility. Design flaws — There is a gap between the phone screen and the body. Now the company has finally solved these problems.

According to the community agent On the official Pixel forums, niches are part of the phone’s design, not a case of design flaws or crude fabrication.

“I had the opportunity to investigate the customer’s device, and combined with the factory’s quality control data, we can confirm that the gap difference between the body and the display is a normal part of the Pixel 5 design. ”Says the person in charge.

This is a particularly weird statement considering that multiple users on the same forum thread report different locations and gaps of different sizes. Not all phones also have noticeable gaps. Our Pixel 5 review Devices are such an example.

Nevertheless, the update states that this interval is “waterproof and dustproof or does not affect functionality” of the phone. This means that users can still trust the phone’s IP68 rating.

But it’s not clear why the gap exists. It could be the method used to secure the screen glass to the rest of the phone frame. Even if it’s not a quality control issue, it remains a cluttered and unsightly feature of the company’s flagship products.

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