Google Dio will stop working on some Android smartphones

Google Duo Android smarphones funcionar

In the midst of all the chaos that imprisonment has brought, Google has been able to improve its offerings in the field of video conferencing. One of its projects is based on Google Dio dedicated to smartphones.

Precisely this application may soon make profound changes. Google Duo will also be discontinued in a set of smartphones that Google does not trust and does not certify its services.

Google seems to be focusing on increasing the security of its apps. For this purpose, it introduces new rules for its use. This scene was recently seen in a change coming to the use of news.

This will stop working on the package of non-certified Android smartphones. That is, models that have been ignored or canceled during Google's official certification process for Google Mobile Services (GMS).

This situation seems to be prolonged Other applications Android. Analysis of the code for version 123 application revealed that it also contains an official Google certificate and a string showing future requirements for the service.

Dio leaves soon.

Dio will soon register your account on this device because you are using an unsupported device. Download your clips and call History to not miss them.

The difference in this case of Google Dio is in the text used. Note is on unsupported devices and not on non-certified devices. This will probably be a semantic problem and the end result will be the same.

Google Dio Android smartphones Fancyor

In both variations this change is on the date of implementation. The text reveals that this is a warning, not an indication of when it will happen. In the case of news usage, we have already guaranteed a change by March 31st.

This seems to be the change that the search company is taking with its applications to ensure even more security. By requiring equipment certification, you can control how and where communications are carried out safely.

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