Google Earth – How does it work? Learn how to navigate the website and application

Google Earth - How does it work?  Learn how to navigate the website and application

Google Earth is a service launched by Google in 2005 that provides online 3D navigation through satellite images through a website or application. With technology, the company became the first to facilitate the visualization of any geographical field through the Internet.

If you were here, you might have traveled in random places on Planet Earth for a while in front of your computer or cell phone, are we right?

Whether yes or no, it is useful to have a good understanding of how this Google service works to achieve the right images at high resolution and to be able to see real places that are at a crossroads in Egypt from your home street. What?

How does Google Earth work? How are images captured?

When browsing Google Earth, you may notice that not all images are captured on the same date. This is because the images provided are a mosaic of several parts to show that part.

Others are Google Street View files, images taken in a Google car and via satellite to take pictures.

To display Google Earth, you need to use a browser with compatible WebGL technology, which currently only supports Google Chrome. That is, if you try to access Firefox Or Microsoft Edge, You can not even open the site.

To access the service, go to Official Google Earth page Use your Chrome browser or download the available app Game Store e Apple Store.

Want to know how to enhance your virtual travels with Google Earth? So check out these utility tips!

Uses Google Earth

When to use Google Earth?

Google Earth can be useful in many cases. Here are some examples of when the tool will benefit you:

  • Take virtual trips without leaving home;
  • Check out what a street or address looks like before following the route;
  • Compare locations over the years;
  • Analyze the relief and geographical conditions of a region;
  • Access geographical coordinates;
  • Explore unknown places and look for interests.

Have any questions about using Google Earth? So leave your question here in the comments!

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