Google is testing integration of lens shortcuts in Chrome

What we have been seeing over the last few weeks is that Google has undergone a major change about its Google Lens usage. The company seems to be focusing on making this app more popular, integrating it with as many of its services as possible.

One thing that proves that this is the latest update of Google Chrome for Android, which now has a quick shortcut to start searching directly through the lens from the company search.

At this time the functionality is only available to a few more users, which appears to be the company’s test. However, according to the portal 9to5Google, Feature allows users to quickly access Google Lens to search through Chrome for Android. For quick access, the application icon should appear in the Google search bar, on the browser homepage.

Google Lens in Google search

At the moment the functionality seems to be a quick shortcut to the Google Lens, but it is likely to be improved in the future by integrating it with additional news and different applications, similar to the live Google app for Android or the Google Camera.

This is another incentive that the company is offering for the use of Google Lens. Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in the number of dedicated updates for the lens, which seems to be a way for the company to appeal to use this service.

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