Google is working closer to removing cookies and improving privacy

Warning messages that a website uses cookies may soon be a thing of the past, as new results from some experiments show that Google’s technology for changing cookie-based advertising targets may be more effective than the current model.

Cookies have long been used as a means of implicitly collecting third-party data from users based on the websites they visit online. This data is used by advertisers and advertisers to promote advertising and increase its conversion.

Not only is Google the only technology company trying to remove cookies, but Apple and Mozilla have also introduced radical privacy changes because it is very difficult to track their users online using cookies. However, replacing cookies with a new system is a big task because the digital advertising environment has relied on them for many years and is changing some of the routine and becoming the main means of advertising.

As part of an effort to replace third-party cookies, Google began testing a new API called the Federal Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). The API is currently an extension of the Chrome browser.

Using learning methods, FLoC analyzes user data and builds a group of thousands of people based on the websites they visit. Unlike cookies, data captured locally from an extension will never be shared.

According to Google, the new consortium Learning Cohorts (FLoC) is proposing a new way to reach out to individuals with related content and advertising by grouping large groups of similar enthusiasts. This approach effectively hides individuals “in the crowd” and uses device processing to keep web history private in the browser.

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So far, Google’s Flock tests expect advertisers to see at least 95% change for the dollar they spend on ads, which, compared to traditional cookie – based ads, is good news for both parties: for the user, more privacy advertisers are guaranteed not to lose ad conversion.

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