Google launches News Showcase in Australia despite ideas to leave the country

After threatening to stop providing services in Australia, Google today reveals that it will make its “News Showcase” platform available in the country, to allow local media to publish its content to users at the same time. that they are paid for the task. .

The News Showcase is a Google program associated with its news platform, created specifically for countries with laws where the creators of such news must be paid for publishing the content. Google pays a certain amount to credible sources of online content, while that content remains available to users for free.

In view of the projects that the Australian authorities plan to integrate, the company started today to make available the news showcase for a set of selected sources in the country, thus enabling them to have their content online for users and to be paid by them.

This move can be seen with some surprise, especially since Google recently threatened that if Australian law were passed, without changes, it would force the company to make drastic changes in its search results, to the point that he could withdraw his services completely from the country. The News Showcase can be seen as an alternative to this, but it still doesn’t solve all the problems.

Recall that the law in question requires tech giants like Google to pay for news and links that appear in its services and searches, while the company must notify these entities in advance of any changes to the how the results are displayed.

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