Google Maps for Android features something new in Street View!

Google Maps for Android features something new in Street View!

The street scene started a decade ago and it really comes in handy. This allows us to identify exactly where certain sites are located. So these pictures are there to take us to the doorstep in addition to the convenience of the map and to instantly identify the building or surroundings. Now everything is going to get even better. This is because the update to Google Maps on Android has improved the street view experience by adding a split screen.

Google Maps for Android features something new in Street View!

The new version of the interface will automatically appear when you open the street view after dropping a pin on the map. Meanwhile, if you access the street view directly from the location list, the normal fullscreen interface will appear. In these cases, you will see the “Reduce” button in the lower right corner as the website says 9to5 Google.

The map below has imaginary paths marked in blue, and photos taken by multiple users appear as dots. However, you can click on these points to quickly move between locations. On the other hand, the blue arrow shows the direction it is facing. So there is less chance of mistakes.

In fact, it is the most convenient way to get to places. This is because you no longer have to use arrows or other commands to get to places in the street scene.

Google Map Street View

This message seems to be reaching users with a server page update in the latest versions of Google Maps. It currently appears on the Android client, but not on iOS.

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However, this is the second big news coming out of Google Maps this year.

From now on we will start having an incredible number of details on the streets. Thus, we will have traffic lights, but also shortcuts. That means nothing escapes.

Google Map Street View

It seems that we are all ready to catch this innovation.

However, for now it is not Available For all the streets. More specifically, we can only see this message in four major cities.

So there are London, UK, New York and San Francisco in the US and Tokyo in Japan.

In fact, you may already find this work. So visit one of these cities on your smartphone. Use zoom to reach street level. If this innovation is already available on your device, you will find everything with an enormous detail. The size of the roads, sidewalks and any existing vegetation is also not forgotten.

In the meantime, we have treadmills and other details. In addition, on tours we can even find out if they are suitable for wheelchairs. In fact, this is great news for those who need to travel on foot.

You can read more about this here Here.

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