Google Photos is getting new tools to edit your videos

Google Photos is getting new tools to edit your videos

Google Photos is a great service / application for storing, managing and editing photos and videos. Despite the controversy surrounding the decision to remove the free storage offer, it is still the most widely used photo management and editing application.

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Now, the latest application update brings many new video editing tools to users. Many of them may not appear to be “new” because until now they are only photo editing.

Video editing tools for Google Photos

From now on, you can use additional tools to edit your videos directly from your smartphone. With all the processing done on Google Photos over the years, any user can create great videos using their smartphone.

In the news, you can see some of the options already available for photo editing:

  • Cut the video frame
  • Changing perspective
  • Variation
  • Concentration
  • Color temperature

Like the latest implementations of photo editing tools, this update also includes dedicated tools for users with a Google One subscription.

These are very interesting tools that will take the quality of your videos to a whole new level.

In the innovations, you will find the option Portrait light, The portrait is blurry e Color Pop.

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