Google Photos with the new feature has long been awaited by users

Google Photos with the new feature has long been awaited by users

This is not technically unusual because other apps already allow it, but with new updates Google Photos Now lets you expand Videos Will be in your gallery. In other words, after a long time of getting the same functionality for photos, it now reaches for videos.

Henceforth, the normal pinch gesture is already supported so that you can split two fingers on the zoom screen or combine them together to zoom. This is the same gesture used to zoom in on your photos many years ago, so they should not be new to you.

Google Photos allows you to enlarge the image of videos

Reported by AndroidPolice, “Innovation” seems to be distributed through a server-side distribution, if we can classify it as such. Even if you have the latest version of Google Photos on your device, this feature may not be available to you because Google must enable it on the server page.

There is nothing you can do to speed up the arrival of functions on your device, you just have to wait patiently.

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