Google reveals the best 2020 searches and the results are not surprising

Google reveals the best 2020 searches and the results are not surprising

This is the time of year when Google reveals its best searches over the past 12 or more months, letting the public know that everyone around them is very interested. This year’s results are not surprising. In fact, you may have already guessed what the best searches are because you are looking for them too often.

Dominating the list is the search term ‘corona virus’ and for obvious reasons. ‘Election Results’ ranked second in the search category and first and second in the news category. Google divides its search data into athletes, games, concerts, actors, movies, people and many more topics.

It may seem like an eternal time ago, but it’s no surprise that ‘Tiger King’ was the best search for TV shows; ‘Parasite’ topped the charts, while ‘Between Us’ and ‘Fall Guys’ were the two most sought after games. Digging into other genres, Tom Hanks took pride in being the best search when it comes to actors.

The best searches in the ‘Recipes’ category are even more interesting – this year’s ‘Talcona Coffee’ seems to have attracted a lot of interest, a type of flat laddu made from instant coffee and popularized in South Korea. Second place went to ‘Ekmek’, followed by sourdough bread and pizza.

In terms of ‘people’ type searches, you’d be surprised to learn that Trump didn’t make the top five list – the credit went to Joe Biden, followed by Kim Jong Un, Boris Johnson, Kamala Harris and (again) Tom Hanks. Finally, Google Trends data provides an interesting look at what attracted the public’s interest during epidemics; You can see it all for yourself Here.

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