Google shares 4K footage of Stadia Cyberbank 2077, which … e

Google shares 4K footage of Stadia Cyberbank 2077, which ... e

Description of the article entitled Watching iCyberpunk 2077 / iRun on Google Stadia in 4K is not enough to sell me in Cloud Gaming

Screenshot: The CD program is red

Google’s growing cloud gaming service can be used as a success after a year of technical issues and a lukewarm response from gamers. It really seeks to give Stadia And Its parts Stay away for free to spark some excitement, but this is how CD Project Reds handles oh-s0-long-awaited Title Cyberpunk 2077 Next month — one of the platform’s highest releases to date — could be Stadia’s production or breakthrough moment.

On Friday, I got a first look at how the game plays in 4K at Stadia, and it’s … good. Might be worse, may be better. You know it 10 Reasons to Hate You Quote? I think now I know what a “wheel” is.

Published by Google Five minute trailer Displays 4K game footage (Warning: Includes Spoilers, so beware if you are trying to get into the story) Cyberpunk 2077, Which is set to be released on December 10th if not later Again. Please note that 4K streaming is only available if you subscribe The premium layer of the operating system, Stadia Pro, is provided to you A Good internet connection. Google offers subscriptions And for free If you purchased the game before December 17th.

The game runs smoothly in the trailer, although Google has not released what kind of device or internet connection was used to capture the footage. So, like All Cloud Gaming Services, Your mileage will vary drastically. Sports Seems Slightly less Fluid compared to To Performance we have seen PCs With radiation detection capabilities And the next gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, But not in any significant amount. So yes, as I said, completely Wheeling performance.

If Google The trailer follows the promise, Which will be enough to soothe In sting Of Stadia Awful release numbers In early 2020. Then again, aThe hot-anticipated release, Ubisoftin Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Released in early November, has already been whitewashed Complaints about spotty performance and Delay issues It can be especially Create time challenges a Disgusting slog. To say the least is not a very promising sign.

Corresponding to its value Google Seems to be ready to throw money constantly Site for the upcoming future. Stadia director Jack Buser told the company Has been invested “undoubtedly” in the gaming world “for a long time” An interview This week and there is Stadia At least planned 2023. So too Cyberpunk 2077 Ends up being A bust, Google seems to be stubbornly ready to move forward regardless of gamers Use its base (when it stops, They No.).

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