Google Spars with Barry Tiller’s IAC on Marketing Practices

Google Spars with Barry Tiller's IAC on Marketing Practices

According to documents reviewed by the Wall Street Journal and those familiar with the matter, Google is deciding whether to impose heavy fines on search company IAC / Interactive Corporation.

Google, which has determined that the IAC has misled users about its browser extensions, may go so far as to ban those products from its Chrome browser. The IAC is stepping down under Chairman Barry Tiller, saying such a move would destroy a key part of its business.

The Alphabet Inc. division has not yet acted on the internal recommendation of its Chrome Confidence and Security Committee regarding the IAC, as both divisions and executives of search companies, including Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker, are concerned, according to those familiar with the matter, the fines could be considered unpredictable.

Google sued federal prosecutors in October alleging that it had driven a hopeless monopoly on the search. State officials complete their own investigations, which may result in additional charges. Google has stated It will compete against any charges in court.

Search company’s interest with IAC centers on browser extensions, which are external applications running on Google’s Chrome browser. Browser extensions made by IAC guarantee users quick access to content such as daily Bible quotes, power-tool manuals, and government forms.

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