Google Wifi: everything you need to know and where to buy

Google Wifi: everything you need to know and where to buy

Yesterday, Google relaunched its existing Google Wifi mesh router, offering it a new, affordable price point just a year after the Nest Wifi system was launched. Everything you need to know about this new Google Wifi and where to buy it is here.

What you need to know about Google Wifi

In itself, Google Wifi is like a router that mobile phones, laptops and other devices all use to connect to the Internet wirelessly, just like the devices you already have at home. Using Google Wifi as a standalone device has a major advantage in integration with Google services, such as the ability to manage your network from your phone, speaker or smart display. Stadia optimization.

Instead, Google Wifi and Nest Wifi devices work best when you have multiple devices distributed throughout your home, creating a’mesh’ network that covers your home with high-speed wireless internet. Compared to cheaper solutions like Wi-Fi extenders, devices can seamlessly roam between points on a mesh network, so you can maintain the best connection strength anytime, anywhere.

All of this may sound a little complicated, but Google has streamlined the process so that anyone with a smartphone can easily set up a Google Wifi or Nest Wifi system at home. Everything is set up, you can later manage it in the Google Home app for Android and iOS, and the app will guide you through each step of the process.

In addition to the default Wi-Fi network for your own device, you can also set up a separate “guest” network for friends and family to use. This network can help prevent visitors from connecting to things like your network. There is. press. Even better, you can easily connect your friends online when hosting a party by showing the guest network name and password on the Nest Hub or other Google Assistant smart display.

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Google Wifi was originally launched in 2016, followed by Nest Wifi last year. In 2020, Google brought back the same core hardware of Google Wifi for a cheaper $99 price point. The main difference with this relaunch of Google Wifi is that the Google “G” at the top is not printed, engraved, and powered by a conventional DC barrel jack rather than USB-C.

Google Wifi and Nest Wifi

You may have noticed that I mentioned both’Google Wifi’ and’Nest Wifi’ above. These are actually two separate product lines, but they have a lot more in common than you might think. First of all, both Google Wifi and Nest Wifi have the same software features. This means integration with the Google Assistant and other Google apps and services is the same.

The difference between Google Wifi and Nest Wifi is actually only in hardware. First of all, each Google Wifi can cover about 1,500 square feet of your home with a’AC1200′ signal. In other words, it can output speeds of around 1200Mbps in perfect conditions.

Conversely, Nest Wifi can be a two (or more) part system consisting of a basic’router’ that connects to one or more’points’. The $169 Nest Wifi router can handle 2,200 square feet of a “AC2200” signal. This means 2200Mbps speed in perfect conditions. Meanwhile, each $149 Nest Wifi point covers up to an additional 1,600 square feet with a slightly slower AC1200 signal.

nest wifi

Apart from that, each Nest Wifi point can also be used as a Google Assistant smart speaker that looks and sounds great, making it easier to mount in any room. Of course, you may or may not need other speakers with microphones in your home, making the cost pointless compared to the new Google Wifi.

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Meanwhile, besides the price, the difference between Google Wifi and Nest Wifi points is that Google Wifi is equipped with an Ethernet port that you can use to connect your device to the network. This is especially useful if you’re trying to connect older devices that don’t have Wi-Fi, or it can provide a more reliable connection to devices that matter than mesh Wi-Fi can provide.

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering Nest Wifi and Google Wifi devices is that the two lines Fully compatible with each other.

If you set up Google Wifi as a router and later decide to expand your network by adding a Nest Wifi point with speakers, that’s A-OK. Or, if you have a Nest Wifi default router, you can expand it by combining a Nest Wifi point and a Google Wifi device to bring an Ethernet connection to a specific room.

Where to Buy New Google Wifi

The relaunched Google Wifi is currently priced at $99 and a bundle of 3 is $199. By comparison, Google Wifi originally sold for $129 and the same 3-pack price was $299. With the latest Nest Wifi system running $169 for the default router, $149 per expansion point, and $349 for 3 packs, Google Wifi is the cheapest way to keep your home deep with a strong Wi-Fi signal. Integrated with Google Assistant.

The new Google Wifi is available in a variety of retail outlets, including the Google Store, but so far only in the US.

For more news, check out 9to5Google on YouTube.

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