Google will not update its iOS applications to avoid privacy

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Apple has changed the rules regarding the privacy of its users and the monitoring systems used by apps on iOS. The rules now impose more transparency and information on the user. Such a move has already led to huge criticism from Facebook. But there may be other acts of disagreement, now Google.

Google has stopped updating its apps for iOS since the Privacy Statement appeared in the App Store, according to MediaFast Company.

Will Google defend itself or attack Apple?

In a very obvious way, Apple fixed drastic changes regarding the transparency of the functionality of the applications in relation to the functionality of the users.

IOS 14 came up with unexpected changes a year ago. On the one hand, it opens operating systems for third-party programmers, and on the other hand it tightens the rules that protect the privacy and security of Apple customers and users.

As a result, bigger Players This ad game, like Facebook and Google would not have liked this.

As we have already seen, there is also Facebook Announce your support for EPIC, Owner of Fortnight in the war against Apple’s “unjust policies”. In the case of Google, the strategy seems to be different.

App Store: Google will not update apps for iOS

In addition to the rules on iOS, from early December, Apple has invited all app developers for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS to fill in the new privacy box when updating their apps.

Through this new section in their application form, they are required to publish what data is being collected to track users ’movements.

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In a practical case, application Reverso Translator, Dictionary, Which is available for the iPhone, collects a lot of data such as purchases, identifiers, usage data, detection, contact information, user content, search history. Really scary!

Of course, anyone who looks at this information now will think twice before using the app.

Afraid to report what Google is collecting?

Because of this new section Google will avoid updating its applications.

According to a conclusion Fast companyThat’s why Mountain View’s company hasn’t updated apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Duo, Google Drive or YouTube since December 7, 2020.

This behavior is not part of Google’s customs. In fact, the company sometimes updates its apps several times a month and does not render more than a month without renewal.

Of course, this could have another explanation, such as the end of Christmas and the annual festivities. Your teams may have taken a vacation, with no production.

However, these updates did not stop at these festivals last year. Additionally, since December 7, Google apps have received new versions on Android. Google Maps was updated on December 14th, Gmail updated on December 16th and YouTube on December 21st before Christmas.

Why update Android apps, not iOS apps?

Another questionable behavior is the lack of reaction from Google to changes in the Apple Store. That means Google is quick to update its apps before implementing new privacy policies on apps in the App Store.

Until December 8, the company was well aware that all updates would only be verified if the “Privacy” category was filled out. Google wants to avoid the bad publicity that Facebook received when the app creators updated the App Store.

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How long will Google Apps last without updates?

Not easy to say at this time, but fortunately there are no major bugs that require an urgent release of the new version. One thing is for sure, Google is not obligated to disclose its privacy policy in the App Store until any updates are released.

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