Gov. 19: Republicans block change in Trump’s provocation plan – News

Gov. 19: Republicans block change in Trump's provocation plan - News

The nominees met at 2:00 pm today (Lisbon time, 9:00 am in Washington D.C.), according to the Associated Press (AP) news agency, which did not attempt to unanimously approve a change to the law passed Monday by the Senate and House of Representatives.

In particular, Democrats wanted to increase direct payments to millions of taxpayers from $ 600 to $ 2,000, with outgoing President Donald Trump calling the plan “a disgrace” and your party’s position on Tuesday against that increase.

The economic stimulus package to recover from the crisis caused by the new corona virus epidemic is paying $ 600 (approximately 49 492) for all Americans earning less than $ 75,000 (approximately 2 492) and unemployment benefits $ 300 (approximately 6 246) per week.

Paradoxically, Trump and Democrats agree to increase direct payments, but Republicans in Congress oppose it.

Democrats took advantage of the rift between the president and Republican leaders in Congress and asked for more direct help from Americans.

“This Christmas Eve, Republicans in the House of Representatives brutally left the American people without the $ 2,000 that the president agreed to support,” Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

A total of $ 2.3 billion (8 1.8 billion) has been added to the emergency package in another broad federal expenditure called ‘Omnibus’ to fund the administration until September 2021.

However, the implementation of those measures will depend on the approval of the outgoing President Donald Trump.

If Trump does not sign the plan by the end of next Monday, the resources for the government will be depleted, and he will have to close partially from December 29 (government shutdown), which has not happened for two years.

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On Saturday, the unemployment benefits for 14 million Americans expire, and by the end of this month, a rule preventing 30 million people from being evicted from their homes will expire.

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