Govt 19. Israel to provide 5,000 doses of vaccine to Palestine

Govt 19. Israel to provide 5,000 doses of vaccine to Palestine

The decision was taken on the recommendation of Defense Minister Beni Kantz and Kamil Abu Rukhan, the co-ordinator of the Israeli military body Gokat, to coordinate operations in the Palestinian territories.

The Efe said 5,000 doses of the vaccine, some of which could be sent to the Gaza Strip, would be enough to vaccinate 2,500 Palestinian health workers.

The distribution of the Israeli vaccine will begin early next week, according to local media, from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer-Bioentech, the same vaccine that will be given to the Israeli people.

A few days after ANP Foreign Minister Riyad al – Malki stressed Israel’s responsibility as the “occupying force” to vaccinate Palestinians, international standards were demanded by many local and NGOs.

UN , He said, in accordance with international law, in accordance with their obligations.

To date, there have been no direct or official requests from the ANP to Israel to send the vaccines, and even Palestinian sources have denied reports that Israeli authorities have already sent the first ship with a few hundred sizes for humanity. Cases.

On the other hand, in recent weeks Palestinian officials have been in constant talks with several pharmaceutical companies to send vaccines, and according to the press, it is expected that in the coming days or weeks they will receive the first dose of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. .

In addition, ANP will receive free vaccines through the World Health Organization’s COVAX mechanism, although the date and dosage are not yet defined.

Meanwhile, Israel, with a population of nine million, has already vaccinated nearly three million people, of which more than half with two doses become the first country to receive immunizations.

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